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2nd May, 2013

LOL Jethro

So I went to Zürich last weekend... see Eddie Izzard's stand-up show. It was... good, I suppose. Hell, almost any other comedian, I'd call it awesome, but Eddie's previous shows set such high standards, they're practically impossible to keep up. Well, anyway, it was a lot of fun. The bit about burglary dressage had me laughing so hard I could hardly breathe.

8th Nov, 2012

Gamsleiten 2

(no subject)

Ich sitz grad zum ersten mal im ICE ganz vorn. Aber wo ist das Panorama, das mir laut Sitzplatzreservierung versprochen wurde?

2nd Nov, 2012

Stephen Fry: Whatever

I have a smartphone now

Sooo, yes. A blog! Right, it's been a while, almost forgot I had one.

Anyway... I finally managed to root my phone. Only took me about two weeks. Funnily enough I actually needed both a Windows and a Linux system to do it. Well, a Win7 in a virtual machine on a Linux host.
After trying practically all the tricks that can be found on the internet, the thing that worked for me was installing FlashTool both in Windows and in Linux. Flashed the .562 kernel using the live Windows, because flashing didn't work in Linux, then used one of FlashTool's root exploits in Linux, because those didn't work in Windows, then flashed back the current .587 kernel, once again using Windows. Bloody hell. Then I used X-Parts to flash the .587 kernel with Notification LED patch and voilà! The status LED finally works for everything, not just text messages!

And none of my readers (if I still have any) understood a word of this *sigh*

26th Aug, 2012


Spontane Gletscherbildung in Sachsen-Anhalt

So sah es gleich nach dem Hagel auf der Terrasse aus. Die Sonne scheint schon wieder - als wär nix gewesen.

Ein paar klitzekleine Hagelkörner...

Unsere Zucchini hat es ganz besonders dramatisch auseinandergenommen.

EDIT: Jetzt mit richtig formatierten Bildern.

17th Jun, 2012

QI: Bollocks

(no subject)

What the hell, Livejournal?! My first entry in months and you ate it???!!!!! You bastard.

4th Mar, 2012

Dr Horrible: The Blog

Weil es scheinbar gewisse Personen gibt, denen das nicht klar ist

Anklingeln heißt, jemandes Nummer wählen, abheben, kurz warten bis es auf der anderen Seite ein oder zwei mal geklingelt hat und dann wieder auflegen.

Es heißt nicht jemandes Nummer wählen, abheben, eine halbe Ewigkeit warten bis am anderen Ende auch jemand abhebt und dann auflegen ohne was zu sagen.
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21st Feb, 2012

Shhhhhh! (Jekyll)

Backe, backe Kuchen...!

So, die Brownies (oder wohl eher ein großer Brownie auf dem Blech) sind im Ofen. Ich hoffe, er explodiert nicht vor lauter Schreck, daß in ihm nach viereinhalb Jahren mal was gebacken wird. Meine Küche sieht jedenfalls aus als hätte eine Bombe eingeschlagen.

Mein Rührgerät ist super.
Ich habe keine Küchenwaage.
Einen Quirl hab ich auch nicht.

Nachtrag: Jetzt weiß ich, warum Brownie-Backformen so klein sind.

19th Jan, 2012

QI: Fez

Things that make me smile

I've been rather quiet lately (a couple months, really). The only times I felt the need to write an entry was when I wanted to rant about something. Didn't want this blog to get too negative, so I've mostly stopped myself from writing about stuff that goes wrong/annoys me/etc.

So here are a couple of nice things, some awesomeness and perhaps a dash of squee.

We went skiing the first week of January and it was brilliant. Thankfully we went to Salzburg and not Tirol, so avoided getting snowed in. It did snow rather heavily the last two days, so we had the chance to work on our powder snow technique. Apart from that the snow was very fast (except perhaps on the last day), which was unusual, but not at all unwelcome. I'm very happy with my new skis. They're a few centimetres shorter than my old ones, but the radius "feels" about the same. Very stable, too.

Sherlock. Just... there aren't really words for how awesome this show is, right? The writing is excellent, as is the directing and acting. And even though the third series is confirmed, there was this heartstopping moment of thinking "they couldn't possibly get out of this one". Wow.

Have any of you (How many people read this thing anyway? Three? Four, perhaps?) seen Benedict Cumberbatch in The Last Enemy? If not, go watch it now. It is amazing. And scary and suspenseful and will possibly make you cry. Consider yourselves warned.

I finally got my midi keyboard working with JACK and LMMS in Ubuntu Studio. It only took me a year, but yeah :) I found a couple of really good VSTs for LMMS (a Chinese flute and a saxophone). Maybe one day I'll take the time to do more than just play around with it. Still waiting for that spark of inspiration. It'll come, I'm sure.

23rd Oct, 2011

Stephen Fry: Whatever

It's late. I should be in bed.

Is it wrong that I find Eric Johnson incredibly adorable?

(I think Wikipeida is lying about his age.)

25th Sep, 2011


Note to self

Dear self,

Please do remember that England is an hour behind before you start panicking about not being able to find a live stream that shows the cricket match.

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